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Everyday for the rest of the week, starting tonight. I will be doing some cardio. I rarely workout but i so need to start. I really need to try and make it part of my daily routine. So for this entire week I will push my self as much as I can. I am 100% sure I will make it… unless I die. 

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First of all before i started taking jadera diet pills i tried many many many other methods. NOTHING worked. I was ALWAYS hungry! After much research that I did and many appetite suppressant pills later I found this little baby called JaDera. I weighed in at 216 =( BUT 3 days later, after taking the supplement for 3 days I weighed in at 212! SERIOUSLY. A week later when I took a body picture and compared to my very first picture taken I noticed a HUGE difference in my body. That first week I did not do anything to change my diet nor my way of eating. I simply woke up in the morning and took jadera before 30 minutes of eating breakfast. After that jadera would basically do all the work for me. I felt full all day long, i had no cravings, and I felt amazing! However just because I was not hungry that does not mean that i was starving myself. I did not want my body to go into starvation mode or whatever so I was still making sure to eat small meals through the day. Such as a light salad for lunch and then for dinner I will just serve myself a smaller meal than I would normally serve myself. The only thing I did give up was drinking drinks that have calories in the,. like fountain drinks energy drinks and all that other stuff. Of course I also limited my sweet intake, i don’t crave much sweets but of course when someone is eating something i know i love around me i want to take a bite so i allowed myself a few bites of my favorite sweets every now and then. the second week of weight loss is when I started these very small, not even noticeable, changes. I also started working out… very little that is. I purchased a small portable cycling thing from walmart, so while i’m watching tv i will be cycling away. I also do some belly dance and flirty girl fitness every other day. It doesn’t really feel like working out and I enjoy it they are so much fun. So even though YOu may not need to workout, you will be seeing results in weight loss either way, i still recommend you workout if you can because you want to lose weight and be fit and tight. Send me a comment below if you have any additional questions. This may not have been as informative as id hoped.
Many users claim to lose weight for more than 6 months, consecutively.

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FINALLY! i LOST MOST OF THAT FAT I ALWAYS SAID I WOULD LOSE! =) here is my 2 1/2 month progress pictures. I stil have more to lose. I will post more pictures of front views etc. Just wanted to quickly share with you all how much I lose and what i did to lose it. my blog is under const. but it will look better and easier nav. in the near future. 

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I am a big fan of cello because of my middle sister. and at 1:40 the cellist kills it. it sounds amazing <3

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